Project Sunshine for Japan: 25th – 31st oct 2012 – Exhibition at Osaka

The 100 posters exhibition will take place at “ATC-ITM” from October 25th to 31st, 2012 in Osaka.

Opening hours: 11am to 6pm

Exhibition Place (location): “Osaka Design Shinko Plaza ATC” 10F at Building ITM, Osaka shi

Japan Announcement: Internet, Poster, and “Nankou Newspaper”

Contents of Exhibition: 7 works that are selected in Japan (in Kansai area)

100 works from overseas Reception Party and Talk Time: Artists whose works selected in Kansai area are scheduled to talk about their own works.

Charity and Sales: Items for sale: T shirt (Please Note: The amount of sales is to be allocated to raise its fund at some ten percent portion of the whole sales amount) or postcards (Tentative)

Main Administrator: Committee for operating “Project Sunshine for Japan in Osaka”

Jointly administrated by: “Osaka Design Shinko Plaza”

Supported by :
• Project sunshine for japan Committee Osaka
• Osaka design Promotion Plaza
• Japan Graphic designers Association ‐ JAGDA
• Peace Boat
• Sougo Designers Association
• Japan Typography Association

Project Sunshine for Japanは、美術愛好家のグループによってドイツ、デュッセルドルフで企画された国際ポスター展です。

主催 プロジェクト・サンシャイン大阪展実行委員会
共催 大阪デザイン振興プラザ
後援 総合デザイナー協会 日本タイポグラフィ協会 JAGDA大阪
協力 ピースボート災害ボランティアセンター

◎レセプションパーティ 「関西の作家自作を語る」

10.25木 6pm  会費[寄付]1000円



Japanese Website osaka-design

Project Sunshine for Japan International Poster Exhibition
ドイツから東日本大震災復興国際ポスター展 【入場無料】

»Project Sunshine for Japan« is a fundraising initiative organized by a group of artists and designers to provide aid to help Japan recover from last spring’s earthquake and resulting tsunami disaster. The 100 Posters has been selected by our international Jury among 589 submissions from more than 384 graphic designers from 40 nations. The 100 posters were selected from 25 countries.

Poster from 25 countries
Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, Uruguay, The U.S.A. and Venezuela.
More information about project sunshine for japan Website

Report at from 19th December 2011 about the first exhibition at Duesseldorf Germany. Interview with founder Mansoureh Rahnama, jury members Prof. Wilfried Korfmacher, Prof. Uwe Loesch and Prof. Dr. Michiko Mae Lehrstuhl modernes Japan 1.

Artikel, Dec 19th, 2011 (in German)
Flagge zeigen für Japan: Tōhoku-Erdbeben, Tsunami und Fukushima

earlier reports reports from 21th November 2011 here at emieco (in German).

My poster for Project sunshine for japan, will be shown at Osaka exhibition, too – as guest poster > My Portfolio

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