Plastik / Plastic

Dokumentarfilm / Documentary Werner Boote Plastic Planet

The Most Dangerous Species in the Mediterranean

David de Rothschilds Plastiki Expedition
a boat made from 12500 Plastic bottles, sailing from San Francisco to Sydney on a mission to showcase waste as a resource and highlight plastic

Dr. Sylvia Earle: TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch
The Ocean is Connected to Everything

One Word: Plastics (from The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman)

Follow the Plastic-Free Virtual Book Tour as it travels around the web spreading the joy of living with less plastic!

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  7. Adventures in Climate Change: Audio Interview
  8. Eco-novice: Q&A with Beth Terry (Book Giveaway)
  9. Jen & Joey Go Green: Q&A with Beth Terry
  10. Condo Blues: Review of Plastic-Free
  11. Spit That Out: Review of Plastic-Free
  12. The Eco Chic: Review of Plastic-Free
  13. Big Green Purse:Review of Plastic-Free
  14. Climate Mama: Highlights from Plastic-Free
  15. Green Child Magazine: Look Listen Read
  16. Environmental Booty: How to Be Green? Chat with Beth Terry
  17. Mindful Momma: An Interview with My Friend Plastic-Free Beth
  18. Going Green Mama: Review of Plastic Free Life
  19. It Starts With Me: Kick the Plastic Habit
  20. DC Recycler: Review of Plastic-Free
  21. Green Upgrader: Review of Plastic-Free
  22. Modern Eco Life: Review of Plastic-Free
  23. Kitchen Stewardship: Beautiful Bulk Bins
  24. Celebrate Green: Review of Plastic-Free
  25. Eco Village Musings: In Praise of Plastic-Free
  26. Nature’s Nurture: Review of Plastic-Free
  27. Almost All the Truth: Review of Plastic-Free
  28. Retro Housewife GoesGreen: Review of Plastic-Free